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Starting to Write a New Chapter

It’s been an emotional week for me as I announced my departure to the Mobile team at Coursera.

It’s a small team but we do so much. Everything learners can do on, they want to do on their mobile device, and it all goes through this team. I’m lucky to have worked with these lovely and talented people. And I’m humbled by the gratitude they expressed toward me this week. As much as I was Tech Lead, they are the ones who made me look good. I merely supported them in organizing and focusing their talent.

I’m glad I got to make significant contributions to both the iOS and Android apps. I used to expect it in the earlier days of mobile. But that’s something that has gotten progressively harder to come by. Nowadays, virtual nobody ever hopes to find a hybrid developer.

While I wrap things up and do my best to leave my team in a good place, it’s time for me to start looking at what I’ll be doing next. Not knowing is stressful, but strangely it feels like a familiar place. I’ve been here before from the many years I spent freelancing. I’m feeling open to ideas. More than anything I’d love to work on a climate friendly initiative. Going back to freelancing? Maybe. Sticking with employment? Depends what’s out there.

So let’s see what this next chapter of my life has in store. Hopefully one day I’ll reflect on this decision and realize that it was just part of the grander scheme.

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