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Many people think using Google, Amazon, Facebook et al is the only way. But that’s not true and we have to be more vocal about doing it differently.

I don’t use Google or Chrome, I don’t shop at Amazon, I don’t ride with Uber, I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And you know what, life is fine.

Always room for improvement, but this is what I do currently.

  • I follow news and people using Feedly, and I read it when I very well please.
  • I host my own email and my own microblog with WordPress.
  • I use non-algorithm alternatives like Mastodon and PixelFed.
  • I block ads and tracking with 1Blocker, Better Blocker and DuckDuckGo.
  • I prioritize buying local and I encourage a variety of vendors. Let bookstores sell books and grocery stores sell groceries!

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