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So I was doing the math this morning. The Government of Canada wants to plant 2b trees in the next 10 years. Assuming continuous planting 365 days/year, that’s a staggering ~547,000 trees to be planted each and every day.

I mean, I want them to plan those trees, I really DO. But how do you procure and plant half a million trees per day?

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  1. @steveroy Didn’t the lumber industry used to replant clear cut logging land by seeding it from airplanes? I remember driving through Northern Wisconsin and you could tell areas that had been reseeded because they were all Aspen? and some pine trees a generation or two before. Very dense. I guess for the pulp paper industry.

    That might work in pine forests but I can’t see it in hardwood forests where you want to avoid a monoculture.