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I should mention that my Twitter account is deactivated as of today. It should get deleted in two weeks. Now I post only to my own micro site. Brave new world! I’m getting a kick out of owning my content and site and controlling where it gets published. 🎉

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  1. @steveroy I actually wanted to register a Twitter account under my real name. But I always get flagged as a bot and now Twitter wants my mobile phone number – which I am not willing to hand out to them. So no Twitter account for me then.


  • In the wake of the Feedly protest-tracking controversy, I’m thinking that dropping them fits perfectly with my independent stance. After all, I stopped using many companies I disagreed with like Amazon, Facebook, and of course Twitter already five years ago.
    I only used Feedly as a backend anyway. So I exported my feeds from Feedly to OPML and imported them directly into Reeder. It is slower because Reeder now has to fetch each feed individually, but let’s see how that goes.

  • With yet another instalment of the Twitter Shit Show in full swing, I thought I’d look up when I walked away from that. May 21, 2018 is when.
    I can also say that this other post from the same period is still holding up very well:

    Not that Twitter is the yard stick by which other social sites should be measured, but it’s now been three weeks since I closed that account, and it’s been… just fine. I miss a few people who had interesting takes, but I’m slowly discovering new people on Mastodon and